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Shrable Family Christmas 2010
Life takes us to unexpected places. Love brings us home.

Family is what life is all about. Meet the Shrable family. Top from left (the brothers) Mark, Troy, Kelly, and Dusty. Next from left, Charla (Mark's wife), Colleen (Ma Shrable), Kirby, Zach (my son), Alex, Don (Pa Shrable) and bity Cody on lap. Next from left McKayla, Me, Janica, Betty, Brandi (my daughter). Next from left (on lap) Cooper, Mckenzie, Grant, and Abby. HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!!!!!


Me, my Otis, and my Niko
My puppies are also my family



My name is Tammy Shrable, and I am the owner of Ozark Bulldogs. Raising bulldogs is an enjoyable hobby of mine. When I decided I wanted to share the blessing for families to bring an English bulldog into their family; I pursued my grooming license to ensure my puppies got the best care possible. I already have a PhD in education and I have been employed in education for sixteen years. I have spent 16 years as a classroom instructor, district administrator, and curriculum director. I also have been instructing at the college level since 2005. I teach Master's and Specialist level courses to educators through William Woods University. I am a very educated person, so raising bulldogs is my enjoyment, my passion, my blessing. Being able to share such an enjoyment with other families, by providing them with a quality English bulldog puppy makes this wonderful experience fulfilling. My females and my puppies are a part of my family, and I secure a relationship with my new families so I am satisfied that they will receive the best of care and love when they leave me. As with any living thing, bulldogs require care and love, so make sure you know what type of responsibility your family is embarking upon before you make this great commitment.

My Grooming Certification


I graduated with my Bachelor's from Southwest Baptist University, my Master's from Southwest Baptist University, and my Specialist from William Wood University. I also have a PhD in Philosophy with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction from NCU. Aim high and you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself. Read with your children and help build their vocabulary. Children with a significant vocabulary have shown to score higher on state achievement tests then their peers. Laughing